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Creative Ways' Commitment 


Creative Ways Therapy Team, Feb. 2020

Creative Ways Therapy pledges to the following standards of practice. We invite you to hold us accountable to these commitments.

  • We will interact with each of our clients and community members in an unconditionally kind and respectful manner.

  • We will approach our work and our clients with authenticity, curiosity, openness, and acceptance.

  • We will honor our clients as the experts of their own wellness, and recognize that they are fully in charge of their own decisions and choices.

  • We will continually hone and enhance our clinical skills through trainings, supervisions, professional engagements, and self-reflection.

  • We will advocate for social and racial justice, opportunity, and empowerment for our clients and communities.

  • We will strive towards anti-racist practice, necessitating a deep level of introspection and a commitment to confronting challenging realities.

  • We will create and maintain safe relationships and safe spaces within which our clients may rest, heal, confront, accept, and thrive.

Throughout this website you may notice images and designs of trees, spirals, and mosaics.  Here's why. . .

Forest Trees

A tree reminds us that in order to grow we must be grounded, and that no matter how high we go, it is from our roots that we draw sustenance. 


Spirals represent the slow reveal of things that are hidden, symbolizing the idea of expansion and the changing focus from ego to being enlightened. 


A mosaic symbolizes the beauty and imperfection of multicultural diversity and inclusivity. Mosaics represent the endless array of creative and intricate patterns in

which we live.

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